#11 – Busting Out

A new episode of the Lawndale Lowdown is out, and all the rules and regulations in the world can’t stop that!  We don’t think Jefferson said that, but in any case, for this episode, we discuss the 10th episode of season 1, ‘The Big House’, where Quinn is overdramatic, Mr DeMartino might have another heart attack, and everyone really needs to stop being a geek.

Also, we discuss a woman who really, really likes Marmite.

The theme music is a cover of “You’re Standing On My Neck” performed by unouomedude.  You can download it for free by clicking here.

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Voice over work courtesy of Robb Moreira.  Find out more about his work at www.robbmoreira.com

Woman Loves Marmite So Much She Eats It As A Pasta Sauce – http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/02/woman-loves-marmite-so-much-she-eats-it-as-a-pasta-sauce-6609756/

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