About Us

What happens when two weirdos who are huge fans of the MTV animated series Daria are given microphones, Skype and access to the internet?  Something like the Lawndale Lowdown, probably.

Hosted by Mike “Ognawk” Jones and Princess Pasta, ‘The Lawdale Lowdown’ is a podcast all about Daria, both the show and the fandom that surrounds it.  In each episode of the podcast, we’ll be discussing an episode of the show, or possible some other discussion about the show, such as the change in Trent’s beard after Season 1.  We’ll also dive into the world of Daria fan fiction, plus there will be some other things in the show as well.  And we guarantee* that you won’t look like a geek while listening to it.


* – We cannot actually guarantee a lack of geek resemblence.



E-Mail: lawndalelowdown [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @LawndaleLowdown

Facebook: Lawndale Lowdown

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