#5 – Soul Stealing Dolls

This time on the Lawndale Lowdown, we discuss Malled, in which Daria and Jane reluctantly go on a class trip to the newly opened Mall of the Millenium, while Quinn skips class to go when…

#4 – You Got Pickle In My Toothpaste!

A new episode of the Lawndale Lowdown has arrived, in which we discuss Cafe Disaffecto, as the students of Lawndale High try to raise funds for a new coffee house, with varying degrees of success….

#1 – Realising Our Actuality

Welcome to the first episode of ‘The Lawndale Lowdown’, a fan podcast all about the MTV animated series Daria. In this first episode, Mike “Ognawk” Jones and Princess Pasta talk about the opening episode of…