#4 – You Got Pickle In My Toothpaste!

A new episode of the Lawndale Lowdown has arrived, in which we discuss Cafe Disaffecto, as the students of Lawndale High try to raise funds for a new coffee house, with varying degrees of success….

#3 – Library Bored

The Lawndale Lowdown returns after some scheduling issues and for this episode, we talk about the Morgendorffers jaunt to Middleton in the episode ‘College Bored’, and look at the Daria Diaries for a little bit…

#1 – Realising Our Actuality

Welcome to the first episode of ‘The Lawndale Lowdown’, a fan podcast all about the MTV animated series Daria. In this first episode, Mike “Ognawk” Jones and Princess Pasta talk about the opening episode of…